The art of the mind meets the science of movement.

Edutreatment is the process of connecting with the mind, redirecting the mind, and reinforcing positive mind and movement behaviors to optimize mental and physical health.

The mind is made up of six resources which we can build upon, control autonomously, and leverage to optimize mental and physical behaviors:

Motivation provides fuel to live a purposeful life in light of existing pain

Mindfulness allows you to live resiliently with purpose and intention and provides the ability to regulate attention

Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence allow you to navigate through the feelings associated with pain and suffering – on the cognitive side, to control and change how you see the world, and on the emotional side, to be aware of and regulate your emotions according to your own purpose

Empathy fuels your connections with other people and allows you to focus on meaningful relationships that outweigh pain and suffering

Compassion allows you to accept your imperfections and motivates you to grow as a person, preventing burnout and self-defeat

Gratitude allows you to value life despite pain and suffering and provides a frame through which you can see life more positively and appreciate the world, other people, and yourself


Edutreatment is a three-step process that addresses cognitive, affectiveand physical behaviors in order to achieve healthier mindset and healthier movements.

1. Connect

with yourself through the six process of the mind: Motivation, Mindfulness, Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Compassion, and Gratitude

2. Redirect​

ineffective mental and physical behaviors

3. Reinforce​

effective mental and physical behaviors

Edutreatment applies these processes to each of the three steps: first using the six processes to connect with the mind, then redirect ineffective behaviors, and finally to reinforce effective behaviors. Overall, these processes allow you to move through the steps to practice Edutreatment effectively.


These three principle steps are in constant play throughout the patient-provider journey from the start of care to the end. Going through the Edutreatment program on the most basic level alleviates suffering, but on a deeper level, it allows you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


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